How to Write a History Coursework Essay for A Levels

How to Write a History Coursework Essay for A Levels

If you are struggling to come up with an idea for your history coursework essay, you may be wondering how to structure your work. Here are some tips: Use point-by-point essay structure, use scholarly sources, and find historians who have different views. Make sure you remember to put in the required word count for the essay. The final section of the coursework should restate your thesis statement and justify your arguments throughout.

Point-by-point essay

The most important thing to remember when writing a point-by-point essay for history coursework A-levels is that the points should be as clear as possible. When you are writing your essay, make sure you are aware of what you have been asked to write and what you can do to make your essay stand out. Then, you can check off the boxes as you go along to show you’ve covered all the points and provided appropriate evidence and footnotes.

As for the body paragraph of your history coursework, use interesting details that support your arguments. In addition, create a table to show the evidence you’ve used. You can also use statistics to support your analysis. If you’re writing about the period of history you’re studying, consider including a quotation to illustrate what you’re talking about. This way, you’ll be able to show the readers how important the details are to the overall argument.

Another important aspect of the point-by-point essay for history A-levels is its format. In AQA, you can write your essay using either the block style or the point-by-point format. For an A-level question, you don’t need to write an introduction. Instead, you should analyze extract A or B and finish with Source C. A good point-by-point essay is also a piece of writing that shows you have an understanding of the argument, evidence, and order of evidence.

Another important tip for writing a point-by-point essay for history is to read a lot. Using sources that are well-written will make it easier for you to get a high mark for your essay. Make sure to allocate time in your schedule to read as many documents as you can. In addition to academic journals, you should consult relevant books, scholarly works, and websites. Just remember to avoid websites that target school students.

Using scholarly sources

Whenever writing a history coursework essay, it is important to use scholarly sources, rather than simply direct quotes. You will want to research the source for its original intent and purpose, as well as any changes it may have undergone. It is possible to find scholarly sources in most public libraries and online databases. Using scholarly sources allows you to answer questions about the history you are studying, and it also avoids overusing quotations.

Scholarly sources are generally made up of research studies, journal articles, or books. They are not meant to entertain; instead, they are aimed at informing and advancing a specific academic field. You can tell whether a source is scholarly by its format and author, which is typically in an academic journal or an academic press. You can also tell if it is scholarly by looking at the citation conventions.

Using scholarly sources when writing a historical coursework essay aims to increase your chances of getting a good mark. Markers are aware of uninformed essays, so it is essential that you set aside plenty of time to read. Besides reading other history essays, this practice will expose you to the best practices for writing an essay. In addition to books, use academic journal articles and other scholarly materials to help you write a strong history coursework essay. Be sure to stay away from websites aimed at schoolchildren, as they may be full of junk information.

Using scholarly sources when writing a historical coursework essay requires a little patience and careful analysis of sources. Although you may be tempted to cite your own source when paraphrasing, it is still important to cite the source. Government pages, university websites, and company websites are all good resources, be wary of political themes and advertisements. For best results, choose Chicago style referencing when writing a history coursework essay.

Finding historians with different views

In order to achieve a good mark in your history coursework essay, you must find different perspectives on the same topic. For this, you need to research the historian and the times and place where it was written. You need to find at least two sources with opposing views and three primary ones. Choose the sources which show you’ve done your research. If you don’t have time to read the relevant academic articles, you can use school texts.

Finding historians with opposing views when writing a history coursework essay consists of using various sources and citing their views. When citing the historians, make sure you use their arguments and explain them. Use evidence to counter other historians’ arguments and show how each historian’s interpretation differs from your own. Try to use different historians and make a table of their views.

When writing a history coursework essay, you can consider different perspectives and evidence to come up with a unique argument. When writing an essay about an historical event, you should look into the opinions of different historians, as each can have a different perspective. In addition to comparing various viewpoints, you should also take into account different interpretations of the same event. The purpose of this is to help students understand the difference between two points of view.

The aim of the research for this coursework is to support your main argument and evaluate the various sources used in supporting that argument. You should also use a bibliography to record the sources you used. In a bibliography, you should list all sources you have used to research the topic. Books and articles should be listed alphabetically by author surnames. Similarly, articles should include the author and publication information.

Word count

The word count for history coursework essays varies depending on the subject. Most courses will have a coursework component, which accounts for 20% of the overall course. Students will need to write between 3000 and 4000 words, with footnotes not counting towards the word count. Footnotes must be logically arranged within an essay and must not serve as an argumentative tool. Here are a few examples of the word count for history coursework essays:

The word count for history coursework essays is usually about 4,000 words, with double-spacing and normal margins. For example, 4,700 words will make nine pages of text. This number will be higher if the work is double-spaced. The word count does not include footnotes, bibliography, titles, content-list, or bibliography. One mark off is equal to one percent of the overall word count.

As for the body of the essay, make sure to focus on substantiating your introductory statements with detailed reasons. If you use quotations, explain them in your own words. If necessary, you can include other historians’ interpretation of the text. Create a table of data if necessary, and use statistics to support your analysis. Don’t forget to mention limitations of your interpretation. This is an opportunity to prove your arguments and show how your interpretation differs from others.

A history coursework essay can be tricky – it’s not just an academic assignment, but also a test of critical thinking. You must identify a historical problem, define your goals, and create a strong thesis statement. Then, you can build a thesis statement explaining what you’ve discovered in your research. Your thesis statement should be very clear, so make it a strong one. This is how you’ll stand out from the crowd.


As with any other essay, there are some tips to follow in formatting a history coursework essay for A levels. The introduction should focus on a single historic event and support it with relevant historical policies. Moreover, the conclusion should restate the thesis statement and justify the evidence presented throughout the essay. For this purpose, it is important to consult relevant academic journals and books. Avoid reading history coursework on websites aimed at school students.

It is essential to cite sources properly and appropriately. The History department suggests using the MHRA style of footnotes for essays. MHRA notes are located at the end of each page and cite resources used in the essay. This style is usually listed in the handbook’s academic integrity section. The essay tutor will provide you with clarification if needed. Regardless of the method, it is important to reference all sources used in the essay.

As a reminder, the guide is divided into three sections. The first section focuses on the requirements of the paper. The second section provides suggestions for the final draft. Unlike the other sections, the guide is not exhaustive. It does contain useful links to other websites. However, it is important to remember that clear writing style is important in presenting arguments to the audience. Having an effective writing style will ensure that your essay gets read by the audience and not rejected.

When it comes to preparing and writing your essay for the History component of your A levels, it is imperative to think critically about the topic. Use primary sources and different perspectives to support your points. A good essay will earn you high marks. In addition, it will also help you in university. Therefore, it is important to format a history coursework essay a levels in a well-planned manner. There are certain rules that you must follow.

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